Monday, March 23, 2009

My World... Ben

I wasn't feeling the best today after driving from Chicago to Bloomington. I just could not kick this headache. Ben drove the 5 hours home, and not only did he do that, but he was totally on top of helping me out today. He changed Grant's diapers all day, got me food, let me take a bath, etc. Today, like many days, had me reflecting on how wonderful Ben is. I have a sister who says that she needs to find herself a "Ben." I thought I would take advantage of him being away all night to tell him, and all of you, some things I love about Ben, and how much I love him.
- Ben gives the best hugs ever (anyone can tell you that)
- He reads me better than anyone I know. He knows what my moods are (not that they change everyday or drastically) and seems to know just how to act (if that makes sense).
- He tells me everyday how beautiful he thinks I am (and he makes me believe he means it!!!)
- He has an amazing way of getting along with EVERY person in my family (8 siblings and their spouses).
- We are really IN LOVE. Though we love our wonderful son, we enjoy the night when he's sleeping so we can continue to get to know each other and strengthen our relationship.
- Ben opens my doors! I think that opening doors is a rare thing today. I used to hate it- but it's something I completely love about him.
- I love his amazing mind. He has an uncanny way of thinking, and he is brilliant.
- Along with his intellect, he thinks outside the box. Though we are completely committed to our faith, he doesn't follow blindly. He understands the importance of being an individual (which, no offense, seems to be a dying art in the church).
- Even though he is a complete individual, we think so much alike. It's amazing!
- Ben has got to be the best father ever. I don't just say that because he's my son's father and my husband... but he really is amazing. He loves, cares, and worries about Grant so much. He really finds joy in the beautiful little boy our Father in Heaven sent us.

Most of all, Ben is the love of my life. I love everything about him. Even his quirks. Ben is amazing, and he treats me better than I will ever begin to deserve. And everyday, I have to pinch myself when I wake up and see who it is I married! BEN MATHEWS! I love him so much, and I thought I would rub it in every one's faces tonight!! I only hope everyone else has someone in their lives that are a fraction as wonderful as Ben.

So- to the love of my life- I am so happy with you as my husband. I love every minute we're together, and miss you every second you are away. Everything I do is for you. My love for you only deepens with each day. I love you. You are my life, my joy- you are my world.


leannewitney said...

Even though I might throw up a little from the sappiness, I am glad you posted this! Ben is awesome... I am glad that you guys are married, and that he is part of our life. I love you guys! :)

The Young's said...

I'm glad you married Ben too! BTW...we were totally thinking of you and Ben the other day, when the kids were playing the Wii...and both of your wii characters were in the background (as if cheering on the kids) when they were playing bowling. Fun times!

Leah said...

Awww. Super cheesy but super cute. Yeah, he's a great brother too.

Candice said...

I agree with comment 1 :) I am so glad you are so happy though!

Candice said...

I agree with comment 1 :) I am so glad you are so happy though!

Louise said...

I'm glad you love my son. You're right. He's awesome for all the reasons you listed. It's so fun to see you two grow together.