Saturday, April 11, 2009

"If I had a million dollars..."

"...I'd buy you a monkey! (haven't you always wanted a monkey?!)"

So I am a huge slacker, and I only took 1 picture of Grant while we were in Utah. Actually, it wasn't even in Utah, it was on the ride home from Utah in the truck. Sorry for those of you who live to see pictures of the cutest boy in the world, but you'll have to wait till we get back on the picture taking band wagon.

I've decided that I am going to start posting things I would buy if I had the money... maybe some cool sponsor will see my blog (yea right, I have like 4 people who look at it) and maybe they'll get it for me :) haha With that said, my birthday is coming up! So what better way to prepare than to make a wish list of things!? Some are for Grant, and some are for me. Enjoy.

This first picture is the coolest bedding ever. I wouldn't want it for me, but for Grant. It's from Land Of Nod. It's on sale, so maybe I'll just save my pennies for Christmas or something... isn't it so awesome!?

This is a convertible bed from IKEA. I love this one, and I must own it! haha Again, a Christmas present for Grant or something.

Alright, now for me. The bike thing is a sensitive topic. Let me explain! I have been wanting a bike FOREVER! I never got my own bike growing up (boo hoo) because what money conscience parent would give their middle child their OWN bike?! haha A family friend gave Ben and I an awesome bike trailor/stroller that is amazing, but I could only use the stroller part on the bike path. So I have been asking for a bike for a while now. Then, while at my parents recently, my dad gave Ben his old broken ten speed. Ok, but now Ben has a bike, and I am still without. My dad even told Laurel he would buy her another new bike if she gave me hers, and her responce was that of the youngest child, "no." So here I am, still without a bike. I think these last two things are things I would die for this year for my birthday (rather than be run over by my father... see post last year on April 27).

CHACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone knows me, they know I LIVE in my chacos. My amazing sister gave me two pairs when I was 16, and I have worn them for miles and miles. My red chacos have been to Hawaii 3 times, they've hiked some of the most remote canyons and trails in Southern Utah, and they have given me the most amazing tan lines ever. Here's the problem... my red chacos are actually too big. I have made them work, but hiking in them is kinda scary now. My feet slip in them and I have fallen a few times because my feet weren't solid on the ground. So my other birthday wish is for a new pair of chacos. Ok, now if any of these companies read my blog, I will love you forever if you send me some my way!


The Mathews said...

Dear Wife,

I will gladly buy you any and all of those things.


Dear Reader,

Please see my ebay auctions and bid high.


The Young's said...

Dear Rocko,

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I remember buying you a bike for your Birthday (courtesy of Mom & Dad)...when you first moved to Utah. Whatever happened to it?

Nicki :)

Cariann said...

Hehehe I so feel your pain. I however have a bike but no trailer, my chacos fit but I have worn them so long that the straps are starting to fall off.
Don't you love being married and not having money!
I wish you luck in getting your new toys, I wish I could help you out more, but know I feel your pain!