Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall/Halloween Crafts

I have been trying to find ways to entertain Grant now that it's starting to get cold, and raining season is upon us. He loves reading books and playing with his cars, but sometimes I feel lazy not doing anything else. My older sister has been planting ideas of "crafts" in my head, and so today, I thouht I would start making things to decorate the house. Then I though- gee- could Grant help me with some? YES! So- here are some cute ideas I have found... maybe you all are smart enough and have done things like this before, but I am not-so-smart... so here they are! I haven't done all these, but at least I have an idea of what to do everyday now :)

-As easy as 1- paint foot; 2- step on paper; 3- decorate ghost!

-I have started making some of these, but his website is just an idea of where to get patterns for cutouts. Grant loves looking and pointing at things, so we are going to hang a bunch of yellow and orange leaves around the house from the ceiling.

-TOTALLY going to do this. I think it would look cool on my landing!! So fun.

-This is something I remember doing as a kid in shcool, but they are SOOO cool. Takes about 2 weeks to fully dry, but the results are awesome.

Anyway- Fun ideas to keep you (or ME) busy. Hope you enjoy them. If you have anything fun you do- which I bet you do!- just let me know.
(PS.. I'll post pics of our place all decorated next time)

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Leah said...

Ahh. Yes. Enjoy all that "lazy" time while you can!!! :) Cute ideas. If you make any of them, I want to see pictures.

I'm finally feeling like I can come up for air! (And now I'd better get to bed before the baby wakes me up again.)