Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pregnancy Update.... boring

I thought I would type up a quick (or not-so-quick) update for everyone. I was reading the last update I made before Grant was born, and it made me laugh! I liked how I actually had written down something (cause I suck at journal-ing) regarding my pregnancy- so this is really more for ME than you :) I had no idea that 5 days later, he would be born. Let's see how many updates I can make before this one comes :)

(taken on Sunday... don't make fun!)

I am 34 weeks and 5 days (35 weeks on Thursday). The last few days have been a little hectic- I'll explain: Two days ago, Sunday, we decided to go for a nice scenic drive to Lake Monroe (a reservoir just 10 minutes south of Bloomington). The leaves here are GORGEOUS and it's always nice to just GET OUT of the house.

(Cool lookout to the lake that Ben found)
(Me and my "buddy")

I noticed that I was contracting a little more than I have been, but what stuck out to me was the fact that my lower back was hurting every time I would contract. Oh well. So I took a bath after we got home and put Grant to bed, and that seemed to relax me a little before going to bed.

Then, Monday (yesterday), I woke up and started making some food for a Lunch Group I was going to (Halloween themed- I made "mummy pretzels" and "worm burgers!"). While at the lunch group, I noticed I was not only contracting a lot, but that they HURT! WHAT?! I never really experienced painful contractions with Grant, because I didn't "go into labor"
with him, and the pain was more of a, let's say,KIDNEY STONE
pain then!! So I was a little caught off guard.

I went home and realized that I probably had at least 5 or 6 contractions in a period of an hour, and those were ones I could remember. So I laid on the couch and did just what my midwife said to do (lay on left side, hold stomach, drinks TONS of water). I did all this, and I was hoping that they would go away. Not so. From 1pm-3pm, the contractions were every 5-6 min. I reluctantly called my midwife, and she said to come on in to the office. She checked me out, and yes- I was really contracting (my fear was that I was making it all up!). She did the fetal fibronectin test- if you aren't aware of what this is- cause I sure didn't know a few weeks ago- it's a test that checks for the protein in your "downstairs." Long story short- if the test is positive, it is a VERY good indicator that you'll go into labor in the next 2 weeks. If negative, it reduces those chances down to 1/16. After the test, she checked everything out. Guess what?! I am dilated to 2 cm :) AND, the head is already "engaged." um....... awesome. So- I'm not yet 35 weeks, and now I am on "stay off your feet" orders. The test came back negative- so that's good (tons of money, but good!), but it also left us with some unanswered questions.... like why was I contracting so much?!
Who knows.

Today, I just sat on the couch while I tried to parent Grant... haha. I hate letting him watch movies and TV all day- but I think it may come to that here pretty soon. I hate being off my feet, cause I really want to keep up the walking!! I also have things to get done :) Now I can't go to Chicago this weekend either. Sad day. Well, that's the update thus far. I'm still contracting today, but it's not nearly as consistent as yesterday. However, while on a quick errand run today, the contractions I did feel had tons of pressure in the "downstairs" area. I have NO clue what's going on- but it would be nice if the baby cooked a little longer. Who knows!?!?!

In the meantime, enjoy a few cute pictures of the child we currently have!

Grant loves helping Dad "practice" guitar... and by practice, we mean, get into or stuck in everything :)
At some awesome view by Lake Monroe (can you see the tiny bit of it in the background?). Of course, we had JUST missed the sun shining on the lake and trees.
Grant wearing Dad's coat.


Lali Johnson said...

Good luck Rochelle, I hope the baby doesn't come too early. But I'm sure everything will be fine. Maybe they got your due date off :)

DAY said...

Rochelle, you look beautiful!! i know when you're this far along, beautiful is the LAST thing on your mind, but you are beautiful and i'm so excited for this new addition into your family. wishing you and the baby a healthy and smooth labor/delivery. i had a midwife w/ Jaxtyn and i loved her! it was so different than a typical doctor. she was helpful and calm. seems like your baby needs to "cook" a little bit longer so he/she can get a clean bill of health and no complications. Grant is a cutie and i would love to meet him someday! i haven't seen you since your wedding shower! anyways, just know i love and care for you and think of you often. keep us posted!

Emily said...

Yikes. Pregnancy sounds bad. haha. Well, you look totally cute I don't know why you put the don't make fun comment on that photo- and Bloomington looks beautiful. I will come visit someday...

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

you look so cute in your dress! Whenever I put on something for church, i just look fat. Although, now i can tell where the baby bump is...i don't know if other people can...but at least i can ( and my parents and husband).

Wow...i think i would be freaked out about contractions! Luckily this is your second...but still! I'm alittle freaked about everything dealing with delivery!

Candice said...

Oh wow! Well I hope that your baby stays in a little longer too. I couldn't imagine being on bed rest and having to take care of your son at the same time. No one would make fun your your belly, bc its dang cute!

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Oh gosh, well good luck. Hope everything turns out great. I'm sure it will.

Joci said...

MY goodness! that's exciting, but a little nerve racking at the same time! I hope you are feeling better and are able to relax with Grant!

The Young's said...

Seriously?! Am I the only one in our family who makes it full term in their pregnancy and has the biggest babies? Only 7lbs, but thats big for our family! LOL

Love you. Good luck! :)