Monday, December 7, 2009

Life with Two

Well, here we are- over 3 weeks later, and I've been a little busy (obviously- no new posts!).  Ben's asleep (his ONE AND ONLY FINAL is in the morning) and so is Henry.  I can't seem to sleep when Ben falls asleep first (snoring).  So here I am, blogging at 2 in the morning.

I am LOVING having two children.  It's strange not having Grant as the only child, but it's fun to have someone else in the home.  Grant has been doing pretty well.  He has only had ONE instance where he got violent, and I'm not even sure it was on purpose (he thew a toy at Henry and me).  He isn't aware of Henry when we're holding him and he's asleep, so he'll just try and climb right on top of him!  But he's so funny with him.  He loves to say, "Dat's baby Henwy!"  He's also a bit curious about the nursing thing... which makes me laugh- he was SO not interested when it was his turn :)  Henry is awesome as well.  At his check up last week, we was up to 6 lbs 14 oz- but that was last week, so maybe he's past 7 pounds by now!  He is growing SOO much faster than Grant did, and I'm a little weird-ed out by it.  Ben put him in some pjs one night, and when I realized what Henry was wearing, I couldn't believe it.  He eats like a champ (something Grant did NOT do), hardly spits up (in comparison with Grant) and he sleeps like a dream.  The other day, he did a 7 hour stretch!  I woke up, saw what time it was, and was a little freaked out- so I ended up waking him so feed him (mostly because my boobs hurt so much!).  But all in all, life is WONDERFUL!

I'd say the only hard part is realizing that people's lives have kept moving while I have been hibernating in my little home.  I went to Enrichment Night this past week, and felt so out of it.  It is also strange to have people come up to "talk to you" when all they really want to do is look at the tiny baby.  Though it's nice to have people look and ooh and ahhh over Henry, I also realize that the majority of these women wouldn't be talking to me if I didn't have a little baby there.   I think it just gets a little hard to have my only interaction with humans being that with those 2 yrs old and younger.

BLAH BLAH... here are the ONLY pictures we've taken with the camera lately.  I need to glue the camera to my hands so I can document Henry just as much as we did with Grant!  ahhh  I'll also get videos up soon... I need Ben's help with that. Enjoy :)

Grant in his new little sweater.  Don't worry- Henry has a matching one (which I can totally do right now!  Grant is just getting into 24 month stuff... it's big- but it works... so they can still get matching things for a little while longer).  Grant is such a nerd... but we love him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT!  Grant turned 2 last week (Nov. 30).  His birthday wasn't what I was hoping for, and here's why.  Grant got into some "DREFT" Stain Remover for clothes.  He tried to do his hair with it, and it got in his eye.  Even after a bath, he was bugged with it, and he closed his eyes around noon, and didn't open them until AFTER we ended up in the ER around 9pm.  CRAZY day.  So- he didn't have any cake, but we did put some candles in some brownies we bought from the store- cause, ya know, I'm an awesome mom :)  In this first picture, you can see how irritated his eye got (it's his right one, but on the left). 

He got lots of books!  That's what he loves :) 

Some cool new blocks.  I think he likes the little wagon/tray better than the blocks.

And here are a few pictures of Henry.  Two of him sleeping peacefully, and one of me waking him up to change his diaper and eat.  He's the sweetest little baby :)  WE LOVE HIM TOO!!!  Maybe THIS week I'll get some pictures of him with his eyes OPEN!  He is awake a lot, so it shouldn't be too hard.  Hope you enjoyed this blog today :)  haha... Until next time...!!


DAY said...

Rochelle, you're doing great! Take one day at a time, soak it in, and give it your best (: life with two takes some adjusting. sounds like you and Ben have been blessed with a sweet sweet boy. Know i'm hear for ya anytime-i'd love to chat w/ ya sometime!

JRid said...

Don't worry Rochelle! I'll talk to you whether you have cute kids or not!

Those Schank's in Fallon, Nevader said...

Cute boys! We still need your address.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

I know how you feel about the women at church talking to you only because you have children. Well, not exactly because i don't have children, but it seemed that as soon as i announced i was pregnant all of a sudden i was in this club. LOL. And people I normally wouldn't think about getting to know came up to me and congratulated me and what not. funny how that is...

Henry and Grant are too cute, by the way!