Friday, December 25, 2009

OVER LOAD... warning.

This is Jon and Ben playing at Curtis' Wedding!
Kaylee holding Henry
I just thought this was cool...
Super blurry, but this is Curtis and Victoria cutting their cake
Carrie and Duncan holding Henry...funny
SHORT BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough said.
Carrie took this cute picture of Ben and Grant. Good job!
Haha... our kid is getting so BIG!
Getting ready to go see the lights at the ZOO!
Henry getting ready to see the lights. So warm.Me and my boys :)

Ben and his boy... Grant. They are clapping for the lights.
Some of Henry's first smiles!!!!!!! So cute.
And another one. We're obsessed.
Mrs. Clause brought pjs for Grant...
AND Henry. I like those boys.
OUR HUGE Christmas Tree... huge= 4' tall.

Grant got a TUNNEL for Christmas.
AND he got an AWESOME Tent... thank IKEA.
Good Morning!  And MERRY CHRISTMAS :)
COLORS! (Crayons) So excited :)

Sorry about the crazy way it's posted, I am trying to hurry, and I am also trying to figure out the new way to upload pictures.  We hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas, and we will continue to post pictures of our Chicago adventures this week!! Oh, and we will post a CHRISTMAS LETTER soon.  Stay tuned...


brad said...

Way to go Ben! I had no idea you guys had another kiddo!


jesieo said...

it looks like the holidays were a success!!! i'm a fan of the overload...hey when are you guys coming back in to town?

Leah said...

I HEART <3 <3 <3 Henry.