Friday, February 26, 2010

How 'bout I use my camera once and a while!!

So I went up to Chicago last week to help out with my mom, and of course, I forgot my camera. But never fear- hooray for the phone cameras! So, here are some pics from the last few weeks.

My dad asked Laurel/Scoobs to put him some leftovers together.  As she was finishing up the plate, my dad said, "Don't do anything cute!"  Laurel looked at me and under her breath said, "Too late!" haha so this is the meatloaf face dinner for dad.
On Superbowl Sunday, I went over to my friend, Melanie's house and I put the boys in the only Blue and White things they have to suport our local Colts (it's amazing how 3 yrs later, I am now rooting for the colts... but only because the Bears weren't in the super bowl!).
Sorry it is blury, but I took this picture for my sister to make her feel better while she recoups right now.  So- if you're having a bad day, look at this picture and feel all better, because Henry's pretty cute :)

Ah, Grant. So curious, so observant, and so silly.  Can you tell what he's doing? That's right!!! He's trying to "pump." haha  Good luck with that, kid! 
Well, I decided to do something a bit productive today to take my mind off my family health problems right now.  I got dressed (haha... good thing for me...jk), blogged (which I am kinda sucking at), put Henry down for a nap, (ps... Grant is walking around the room behind me saying, "I'm tired! Wow, I'm tired! Oh- I'm tired." haha.. .nap time soon? maybe?) I also decided to vacuume the stairs for the first time in maybe a year. I know- gross... but our carpet is the kind where you can't tell you need to clean it!  My parents have this blue carpet, and though it's taken QUITE THE BEATING from all us kids over the years, at least you can see that cleaning the floor ONCE A DAY is a good idea.  Now, I am trying to find other things to do to keep my mind from thinking about stuff.  Maybe a trip to the mall? haha


Candice said...

Grant and the pump made me laugh out loud. I love how kids love to copy. Your two boys are so cute!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

I just bought the same it good? (funny picture i might add...i laughed out loud). :)

leannewitney said...

Did mom keep her sick nasty pillows to put on the new couches? I think we should buy her some new ones...

Leah said...

Henry is SO cute. Looking at him always makes my day. And so is Grant. Love the one of him pumping. Classic. I'm glad you guys are doing okay. We're praying for the fam. <3