Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have been feeling like I need to change some things in my life. One of them is to be more organized, and to do things that suck up my days so I am not sitting around my  house being Eyore waiting for Ben to get home (because I love him so much... I when he's gone!)  To combat this, I've decided to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. Here is my 2nd day of my new schedule...

I had a Great Day today. Not only did I remember my camera, but I took it with me to the Zoo, and not only did I take it to the zoo- I captured our GREAT DAY WITH the camera.  I am glad I called my friend, Ashley, because we had a blast with ALL OUR BOYS! She has 3, and I have 2, so we piled into the suburban and enjoyed the last week of Winter Prices and went to town... so to speak. Here are pictures from the zoo. Enjoy!!- there are a lot- so be ye warned.

Grant is SUPER excited to be at the ZOO!!
I love this picture.  It's a seal, and that is my friend's son, Carter.
A penguin. Grant loves them... can you tell??
And another.

And the attempt at yet another... but it's just Henry...
So disapointing. haha

DOLPHINS!!!!!!! Can you see the one in the background?

I was trying to get the dolphin swimming above us, and you can KINDA see it on the bottom left hand side of the picture, just above the rim. But the picture turned out WAY COOL regardless of how lame my attempt at getting the dolphin shot was!

We saw some Elephants. Mom and kid. Everytime I tried getting the baby, it would turn around like this. Thanks a lot.

Also, there were some bears that were playing. Cute.

Then a Bald Eagle. I guess it didn't impress me much because we see them in Yellowstone-
but way to be diverse, Indianapolis Zoo!

Here is a little monkey/baboon? that was running all over the place.  He reminded me of Grant.
(it's a cropped close up of an ALREADY zoomed pic... sorry)

This was AWESOME! A NEWBORN BABOON (I think it is breast feeding...)! 
It was nature at it's best! (for a zoo that is)
We saw a guardian who wouldn't leave the mom's side, and then when we walked past
again, the mom ended up smacking this other baboon... amazing.

Giraffes. I love this picture.

And some more.

Doesn't this make Polar Bears look like peaceful animals?
HA! That's what zoos do!!! They make beasts look like beauties.

(so I have a few more, but it won't load anymore... is there a limit as to how
many you can put up? I'll just do another post... so stay tuned.)


The Mathews Family said...

I LOVE the Indianapolis Zoo, but it's probably not because it's the most spectacular zoo, just because I have happy memories from taking Michael there several times. I have a picture of Michael in front of the giraffes - made me sniffle for a second!
Even better was the Children's museum in Indy - I've probably already told you that though - sorry, my mind it is a 'slippin... Is it still there? Is it still great? Michael loved running up and down the ramp between the floors - it was quite a workout as I recall (for me that is!)

Anne said...

Awesome pictures!!! Those are some pretty cute animals and the kids aren't that bad either. Just kidding. Your kids are adorable. Henry is getting so big. Wow!! I can't wait to meet him someday. I love you all.