Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{insert creative/witty title here about spring break}

Spring Break came and WENT. Boo. But we decided to have some fun. Because I'm usually really good at writing novels/long picture books on here, I'll try to keep the captions short (also because there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures!!) so you can enjoy looking at our cute kids :) hahaha  Enjoy

Henry's 4 month check up went as follows:
Height = 24 3/4" = 50% (cool... already WAY ahead of Grant at this age)
Weight = 16 lbs 2 oz = 75% (wow. Grant stayed in the 5% for a LONG LONG time! Way to eat and NOT SPIT UP, Henry!!)

Rental Agent (is that what they're called?) totally canceled on us. Boo.

Want to check out this month's message??
It's a GREAT one! I spent 2 and a half hours at the appointment.
 It was so fun. Why have I been so bad at this?!

Headed up to Chicago, and though we may die if we continued to drive behind this.

Here is Grant and Henry enjoying our little road trip up to Chicago.

Then we hit up this cool place for kids called "Belaboos" in Valparaso, IN.
 They had a water room, ball and slide room...
...a pizza parlor and dress up room...
(that is Grant blow drying his hair like mom)
...and a train room that all the boys enjoyed.
The next day we checked into KEY LIME COVE!!
They have an indoor water park (sorry- so pictures of us IN the water)
and tons of fun things to do around the hotel. TOTALLY worth going!
Henry was SO excited to go swimming for the first time!
The rest of the time in Chicago was just spent hanging out.
I spend a lot of time at the BEACH growing up,
so we took a walk with the boys to my childhood playgrounds!
(please ignore the quadruple Worthen Chin- just look at the dog and Grant...
...by dog I don't mean me!)
CUTE HENRY! We <3 him.

Then we went to the mall to get Grant's hair cut and to let him play!
We drove home.
HOwever, this is the cute boy we took to church with us
And here he is being a baby- he did this all on his own!
Ah, and here's our REAL baby- not so tiny anymore!!


Lali Johnson said...

I love how Grant and Henry looked SO different, yet both equally cute :)

Henry is a little chubbers!!! Love it!

leannewitney said...

I miss Lake Bluff. I am jealous that you get to go there so often.

I miss you and the boys... :)

jesieo said...

what cute little boys!!! thanks again for helping us out on sunday, i totally appreciate it, hope the kids weren't too wild!

jamie said...

cute boys! good to hear that you all had a good spring break!

Candice said...

Oh from the pictures it looks like you guys are having fun and doing great!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing your pictures :)