Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Kids Who Stare at Goats

Let's see... quick recap for the last week or so. 
Easter. Conference. Chicago.
That pretty much sums it all up! And here are some pictures to prove it.

Grant was excited for...

...THIS (I'm so awesome)!

Henry got a book. He likes it.

Our friends, the Lindsey's, came over for an Easter Egg Hunt.
Here is Luke and Grant running out to it
(but the hunt was in the grass... not the driveway).
I love this picture.

Grant was just running around, so Henry started to snag some eggs.

Henry was a HUGE fan of Conference- here he is listening.

My older sister and her daughter are in from across the pond (England),
so I went to Chicago to spend some time with them.
This is Holly's daughter, Chloe (with an umlaut).
She and Grant are only 7 months apart, so this is the closest
age difference between him and all HIS cousins.

Chloe is making out with Henry. haha

Grant and Chloe "baking" with Grandma Word.
Chloe put them on the baking sheet, and Grant would eat them.
Can you see him snitchin' it? Don't worry- I taught him that.

Aw. Chloe loves Baby Henry.


Isn't this hat the BEST??

At Lamb's Farm in Lake Bluff. 
This is also

Looking at a bird?

Chloe and the FAVORITE Aunt Scoobies :)

Grant LOVES the goats

Here is Grant saying, "HI! My name is Uniqua!"

This is the last picture before I ran out of memory.
I think he's deciding which goat/sheep he should chase
(and CHASE he did!).
I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter.
I am so grateful for a Savior who has made it possible for me to be where I am.
There is NO WAY I would be able to have the blessings in my life if it weren't for HIM.
He Lives.


leannewitney said...

I miss you. And your kids. Chloe (with an umlaut) is so cute...

We should play soon. :)

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