Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Feel Better?

Last week on Facebook, I made a comment about how reading some people's blogs makes me feel like a crappy mom.  I had one friend say that she sometimes feels like that after reading mine (I think she must have been smokin' somethin'...! jk).  I don't know how many others feel this way- it's never really BAD, I mean, I don't get depressed over it- but sometimes it just makes me sad that I am not more proactive about things, and that I am a little bit (or a lot) more lazy than I'd like. 


Every now and then, I am going to start posting something that will help YOU (whoEVER is reading this) feel better about yourselves.  hahaha... I can't believe I'm going to do this... but guess what?

I AM NOT PERFECT! (hahaha... as if you didn't know)

Saturday was a really rough day for me. I got really mad at Grant A LOT. I was not very good at keeping my calm.  I was also very frustrated with Grant yesterday (Sunday).  I was not as Christ-like as I should have been.  I found myself appologizing to my two year old a lot for my actions and words (mostly words).


Do you feel better?

Love, Rochelle


Anne said...

Actually, yes I do. You are the best Rochelle. Thanks for bragging about your unperfectness. For some reason that makes me see just how close to perfect you really are.
I love you like crazy.

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

I love reading your blog. I really admire your passion about raising kids, the gospel, and conservative politics. I think you are great and it's fun to keep tabs on old friends (not that you are old... you know!) hahaha Keep smiling!

J and L said...

I think that is so true! I feel the same way sometimes and actually thought the same thing you did! You just have to remember, most people aren't posting about the things they wish they (or their kids) hadn't done or said or about how they lost it when their kid dumped cheerios all over the floor for the 5th time that day, while in the middle of making dinner... (yep, happened over here. tears, gave myself a time-out, let the cheerios sit until J got home and then laughed as we swept them all up, again - all over Cheerios!?! really? yep. It was just one of THOSE days...). SO, I think blogs are really sometimes like ice burgs, only showing a piece of themselves...

Joci said...

Yes, I feel better. I am having one of those days already today and to hear that other moms aren't perfect, helps... a lot. Probably more than it should. Thank you!