Friday, May 7, 2010

Overflowing Heart

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. No excuse other than the simple fact that I haven't taken any :)

I love Bloomington. I mean, I LOVE BLOOMINGTON. But sometimes, it's really hard being away from familiar faces of friends and family.  It is ALSO hard having a busy husband who is doing his best to get an amazing education, and is thus sometimes hardly ever around.  I know many other woman who have this "problem," and even have it 10 times worse than me. I find myself complaining a lot. I complain about things I don't like, people who bother me, the fact that sometimes- all day, I feel like a single parent. I try really hard to be logical about things, and I try to get advise from great people... but sometimes, I feel defeated. Sometimes, or a lot of times, I'm tired (not depressed tired, but just tired).

Last night, I drove home from Chicago after visiting with some of my family.  I decided to call a few friends I haven't spoken to in a while. First, I called Anne. I love Anne. She is one of my absolute FAVORITE people in the world. She and I have a really special bond that formed when we were both going thru some tough times in college (mine was NOTHING- but I acted like it was).  Anne ALWAYS makes my day.  Whenever I need a pick me up, I call her. In fact, her name in my phone is, and always has been, "ANNE!" Anne warms my heart in a way few people can. I love Anne.  Everyone needs an Anne in their lives.

Then I called my friend, Kelly. Kelly and I have been friends since my sophmore year in high school. She is awesome. When she called me back, she said something that kind of woke me up. She said, "You look so happy in your pictures on facebook!" I paused and then said, "I really am happy."  Again in our quick conversation she said, "I'm so glad you're so happy!"

Today, I watched the Mormon Messages called, "My New Life." Now, this is my attitude (at least this evening)...

I am really happy!!!  I may be overweight right now, and I may not enjoy some things about our life, but I am happy.  I have a testimony in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that it is because of HIM that I am able to be my BEST! I am able to be forgiven. I love my Father in Heaven so much- though I know I can show Him more. He blesses me everyday with what/who I have in my life- and BELIEVE ME- I do not deserve an ounce of it.

My husband is the most amazing person I've ever met. He's not perfect, but he is perfect for ME! He is the most amazing father I have ever seen. He is so helpful. I've never met someone who is as kind as he is. His love for people is astonishing.  Today he read some books to Grant. I don't know if he noticed I was watching, but I loved every second of it. Our children ADORE HIM. He is so wonderful. I married FAR above myself, and I am holding on for the best ride ever. (ugh- as I read this to myself, I am finding I can't find the right words to describe how much me means to me)

Grant is awesome. He is always quoting Backyardigans as if it's his own language. He loves to sing, dance, give high fives, hide, "read", run away whenever he gets a chance and drink chocolate milk. He loves to look for airplanes in the sky (and he can see them even when I don't!). He is his daddy's son. He LOVES to tinker around with everything. He is too smart for OUR own good. Grant is the best first son someone could ask for and the best older brother (right now, that is!).

Henry. I just want to stare at him all day. My favorite thing to do with him is get my face close to his, and he feels my face all over. He grabs my cheeks, my mouth, my chin. He stares into my eyes, and I can just FEEL how wonderfully precious he is. He is so ino cent (it won't let me publish that word, I guess). He is so pure. He is the perfect second child. He is so laid back and he just loves. You can tell. Henry is a beautiful gift from my Father in Heaven. 

With three guys in my life like those- and a testimony I adore and cherish, why would I NOT be happy?!

Tonight, my heart is overflowing.


jamie said...

you rock! i needed to read this exact message tonight. i had a hard mom day and this evening am feeling grateful for my beautiful boys- even though it was a hard day.

Anne said...

You are amazing!!! Thank you, this made my day.

LauraBro said...

thank you for sharing! i loved that "new life" video as well. Makes me realize how lucky I am! your baby is so cute!