Thursday, June 3, 2010

...With a little help from my friends...

We are alive. I promise :) Please forgive the slowness of me getting around to posting pics of the last month or so. They will be up soon.

I just found out about my dear friend's daughter, and I thought I would use this post to ask for some faith and prayers. My friend's 3 year old daughter had a tumor removed from her abdomen last week. Test results show that the cantaloupe sized tumor was cancerous and she will begin chemo today to make sure they kill any cells that may be hiding in her little body. Please say a prayer (either out loud, in your hearts, or even put her name on the temple roll) for Ashton. Not only for Ashton, but for her brave parents who have to hold her hand while all they can do is stand by.

I'm sure many of us know someone who has been touched by cancer- or anything terrible for that matter. I am coming to realize how precious life is lately. We never think anything could ever happen to us. We always seem to be the one person or family that is untouchable.  Natalie (my friend) and I used to dream of who we'd marry and how our children would play together (remember, Nat?).  I wish I could do something, and this is one of the ways I want to help- to get more people to practice their faith and help petition the Lord for peace and blessings on behave of her family. I know that any of us in the same situation would want the same.

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Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Gosh it breaks my heart. I have been thinking of them so much lately. You are a great friend.