Friday, June 18, 2010

Hip Hop will make ya...


Here are some pictures from a trampoline extravaganza. 

Chloe admiring Grant's jumping ability

Henry feeling left out

Laurel, Grant, Chloe and Holly
Check out Grant's locks of hair :)

Henry jumped too!

We are so lucky to have so many people who love our little guys.

Here is Ol' Man pretending like he doesn't care about his grandkids.

Riley and his mini-me

Holly loving some Henry

Ben turned 30 at the beginning of the month. 
Here is his surprise party :)

After Ben was surprised. I'm so glad he had NO IDEA!

We love food!!

And fun friends who came to celebrate-
Hilary, Molly and Josh

Ben's fun school friends

And a sleepy Ol' Man after all the fun!

(also- don't miss the post below!)


Ali said...

Rochelle, you have the cutest boys! I love Henry's cute little chubby cheeks!

The Young's said...

This post makes me miss Dad! :( I didn't even realize that Mom & Dad still had that trampoline! Crazy.