Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sick Week

The end.

Just kidding. But we've been sick all week, and it's been Ben's first full week of the second summer term here at IU. He is so busy, and is only in 3 classes (boo). He is in a theory class, Leonard Bernstein in Political History somethin' somethin' class and orchestra. "What?! Orchestra, you say?!" Why yes!! Ben does not suck at the stand up bass. So I get to see at least one concert of him not playing latin, jazz, or latin jazz music this summer!

The sickos in the house would be all of us left behind. This is Henry's first real "illness" and he is handling it well. Grant has been kinda a baby. Haha. I feel like I am comfort nursing a lot because I don't want to bug our neighbors by letting Henry cry. Oh well- 6 more weeks till we move! YEAH! But man, I hate being a mom and sick at the same time. It's tough. I also hate it because I feel like I have to ask Ben to do things that I normally feel bad asking him to do (like helping out a LOT, not just a little). Grant was indoors from Saturday night to Thursday (when we went to the library), poor kid.

Well Henry is CRAWLING for real. Not just his half army crawl and scooting thing. He has realized that he can get around the house a LOT FASTER when on all fours. But I think he just needed to gain the strength it takes to carry his heavy load around :) He loves cars, trucks and swords (we discovered today). He is CRAZY about Grant, and Grant is a little annoyed with that (he is Mr. Independent). His FAVORITE thing to do is BOUNCE and BOUNCE and BOUNCE in his bouncer/excer-saucer thing. He could do it ALL night. (SORRY FOR ALL THE CAPS... I am realizing I do that A LOT!)

Grant is doing well. He is getting into his own version of terrible twos. It's not BAD, but just annoying. He likes to talk back/repeat what I'm saying. We are doing the "when I count to 3, you better be..." and he likes to imitate that. However, the counting to 3 WORKS! And I love that he knows WHY he's in time out (when I actually get to 3). Ah- he's growing up so fast. But that's just his "terrible" side. He's actually quite the kid. As I type this, he is fake laughing over and over again. Um, so funny. He still loves to sing- in fact- that's how he's learning his articles of faith. He knows the first two now. YEAH! We're so excited to move and have a FENCED IN YARD for him to get his energy out. Man. he is WIRED everyday. He's like a dog- haha.

Here are some phone pics from tonight as we sit home alone waiting for Ben to come home from making money- Hooray for GIGs!!!!!!!!

Grant and his blanket.
Do you think I should start training him off the fingers thing??
Ah, cutie pie Henry.
Here he is crawling
and getting into the piano...
bad boy ;)

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jamie said...

i have a hard time thinking your kiddos are brothers b/c henry is seriously HUGE! (i did the caps just for you). :)