Monday, June 21, 2010


When I have a question about how old Grant was when he started crawling or talking, I am able to turn to our trusty blog and figure it out. Don't worry, at this time 2 yrs ago (or same age as Henry), Grant was pulling himself up in the crib and figuring out how to stand on his own. I think Henry is taking his sweet time. While he crawls- he's not the fastest, or the most gracious. He just does his own thing. One more thing to add the "DIFFERENCES between Grant and Henry" list. That's ok! We love them both SOOO MUCH! Here are a couple pics/videos from the phone. Enjoy.

Being Lazy. He loves to kick things- tables, people, you name it!

Ah- loving the summer. We had a water fight the other day and he stayed like
this the rest of the day. Awesome. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!
(ok, I am having issues with the video. I'll try to do it again later- sorry)

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The Young's said...

Brayden has that same little dinosaur outfit! :)