Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall fun

Some cute pictures from our days this week.

Henry loves playing outside. He has COMPLETE meltdowns when we come inside.
Grant loves his bike! And Henry loves the swing.
I could push him all day long in that thing, and I think he'd love it just as much!
This is awesome. I caught them BOTH reading books- back to back.
After getting the oil changed and grabbing lunch, we ran inside to put kids down for naps. After running to the bathroom, this is where I found Henry- exactly where I put him down when he was awake. I guess he was sleepy!!


Emily said...

Rocko I LOVE love all of these pictures! Every time todd sees that you've updated your blog he tells me cause he knows how excited I get about pictures of Henry. And I loved Grant's song about his helicopter the other night. That was awesome:)

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

haha... i wish william would fall asleep when i would take him out of his car seat... cute pictures!

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

Haha! I totally believe it about Henry! When Darek and I were trying to put his PJs on him he was out COLD, I don't think anything could have woken him up! Lol, what a cutie!