Saturday, February 18, 2012

Helping a friend...

Last week, one of Ben's friends from BYU-Idaho had a terrible loss. His wife and two small children were driving in Utah and were hit by a cement truck. The wife and youngest child survived, but the daughter died at the hospital. I was shocked and ached for the family when he told me the news. Tonight I have some time by myself (Ben took the boys to the store with him). I decided to pull up their story and actually read about what was going on. I can't remember the last time I have wept the way I am right now, but I urge ALL of you to go read their BLOG. The wife is recovering from some terrible injuries but is slowly making progress. The little boy is doing just great! The funeral was held tonight for their little girl.

I cry because I can NEVER imagine my life with out my family. My little boys are the biggest blessings in my life- even if they seem too much for me to handle at times. What a BLESSING the Gospel of Jesus Christ is! Knowing that Ben and I have created not only a family, but that we chose to make it eternal gives me such hope! God bless this wonderful little family that is having to face such hardships so early on in their lives.

There is a donation fund that is collecting money for the sweet family. Here is the link...

Melissa and Lawrence Fund

Please help if you can. I'm sure some of you know this couple- and that most of you don't. But they are going to need every kind of help as they continue to recover (both monetarily and prayers).

Thanks Everyone!

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