Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chicken Cordon Blues...

Do you grow up listening to the music your parents liked to listen to? My family sure did. Thanks to the amazing Spotify, I can listen to most of these songs again (I'm sure Ben thinks I am nuts!). I was listening to an album from Steve Goodman. My dad got me hooked when I was younger with a song of his called, "Lincoln Park Pirates," look it up- it's awesome. Anyway, he's a musician from Chicago who died too young :( He's got great songs that I think are beautiful and I could re-publish them on an album if I thought my voice were worthy of doing so. ANYWAY- I came across a certain song of his that made me laugh really hard.

Chicken Cordon Blues

I'm all about eating healthy, but I also understand and appreciate the delight-fulness of meat and potatoes. While some people all over the place (friends at church, college friends, facebook friends) are going a little overboard about eating healthy (in my own mind... I'll be proven wrong when I get to heaven- don't worry), this song pretty much made my day. I'm glad that Ben doesn't do this to me, and I'm glad I don't do this to him. For the record- we're eating a million times better now than we did 4 years ago (have you SEEN pictures of me then? I keep thinking I am pregnant in those photos with Henry- but that didn't happen until a few months later!). And I'm all about eating healthy- trust me- I just don't worry about it the way others do. We love hamburgers and we'll never cut those out :) With all that said, enjoy these awesome lyrics (and if you want to look up the tune, it may make you laugh).

When I first met you baby, you fed me on chicken and wine.
It was steak and potatoes and lobster and babe I sure felt fine.
But now all you give me is seaweed and alfalfa sprouts
And sunflower seeds and I got my doubts -
Babe, you left me here with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

My stomach's so empty and all I got is food for thought.
And I've been sittin' here thinkin'
'bout the twenty pounds of groceries we bought.
We bought ten pounds of brown rice and five more of beans
And five pounds of Granola and you know what that means,
I'm just a regular fella with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

Now won't you to play me them fat licks!

I'm starved for affection and babe, I can't take no more.
You know this stuff is so weird that the cockroaches moved next door.
Babe, can you see that old dog, he's out in the street
He's got a big smile on his face 'cause they let him meat.
And babe I got the lemon and the Chicken Cordon Bleus!

Babe, I'm goin down to the bakery
And I'm going to find me a jelly roll
And some cannoli.
Some French pastry.
A chocolate ├ęclair don't sound too bad.
How about some lasagna?
You know fat is where it's at.
My shadow disappears ...

I hope that makes some of you smile. Worried about being fat? Don't be- fat is where it's at!!! 


Schmath said...

Hahahahaha. I hope I never get into healthy food. But then again, I'm probably going to have a heart attack at 40.

Bethany Sines Photography said...

HA!! hilarious. If i were skinny still I could get away with saying something like "oooh, this is my kinda song" but now that I actually am over weight, If i say that all the healthy people will just say "see, my point proven." : )

The Mathews Family said...

Love it. Carnivores unite!

Lali Johnson said...

Being skinny is not all its cracked up to be. Yes, I used to be skinny and therefore, healthy (puh-lease). I look at those pics and I looked malnourished.

My new theory: I might be overweight (gasp!) but I AM healthy.

I'm like you. Burgers are just too good ;)

Anne said...

I love this song!!!! I love being healthy, but there is nothing wrong with indulging here and there. I will never, repeat never give up on good old meat and potatoes!!!! Thanks for posting this Rochelle, you make me laugh!