Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello? Anyone?

Why on earth am I blogging? I get so sad when I see "0 comments". 

Anyone else feel this way? 

Eh... oh well. I'll keep going for myself. 

With that said, I'm trying to find great ways of de-cluttering and organizing our house before we move in the next 8 weeks. I found this site- Simple Mom: Spring Cleaning. I'm excited to start our CLEANING and organizing before we go and move into another place. Do any of YOU have blogs/websites that help you tackle the craziness? Maybe I'm only friends with neat freaks, but I don't' even want to let a repair man in my door right now because my house is a pig pen. What helps you!?


Bethany Sines Photography said...

I read it, I read it!! : ) Not sure if you could tell there but I was actually raising my hand.

So this organizing website blows my mind and has literally changed my life. The way I buy/organize/use Jack's toys is completely different now and so much better. I hope it helps! I'll be thinking of you with the move. Go Rexburg!! : )

Hilary said...

I often feel the same way! I see all the page views and I'm like, "come on guys! 20 people and no comments?!"

On the organizing front, there is a great website called I Heart Organizing that I like, it's on my crafty blog list on my sidebar... this lady has some serious OCD for organizing and it makes for some great tips!

Anne said...

When I have 0 comments. I just figure that all the hundreds of people who read my blog were so impressed with my post that they were speechless. I am positive that is how it is for your posts, too. They are amazing!!!!!

Makayla said... is my FAVORITE!

I used to feel the same way about blogging, but then I realized I do it for me. I turn our blog into a book at the end of each year and my family LOVES it. The kids love looking at themselves and my husband and I love looking at it as well. Now I blog even more.

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Keep blogging. I love to see your cute family!