Friday, January 6, 2012

What the January???!

I am amazing. 
Obviously- I mean, look how many times I posted on my blog in the past 2 months!!!!

**blank stares**

I had mentioned how we had been using our nice camera to take pics, and Ben likes taking pics in RAW format. BUT we found our little camera right before we took off to go to Utah for the Holidays and I have been taking some pictures on my phone. Before I get to the first of what will hopefully be many catch up posts, I thought I would update you all on our lives thus far.

I'm sure I'm friends with all of you on FB, so this may not, be news at all. We are done in Indiana (sad). We LOVE it here and we're sad to go. But why are we leaving? I don't have a college degree. I only had a little bit left before we took off from Idaho, but I was a good little wife and followed Ben- I say that with a bit of satire-ness, but I'm so glad we did. Ben was accepted (let in the back door) to Indiana University and we've had an amazing 3.5 years in this amazing town. I don't know about Ben, but I am going to start praying yesterday that we come back here some day! Anyway, we are moving to Rexburg, ID so I can quickly (and cheaply) finish my bachelor's degree in Recreation Management. I'm taking one online class right now then I'll be back on campus in April. Things just kind of opened up in our lives to let this happen. We feel that it's VERY important for me to have a degree in case I need to use it (plus, the education alone is worth going back to get). We're not thrilled about living in Rexburg again, but we'll make it work. We have vowed (and I mean VOWED) to not stay longer than 2-3 years.

Let's see- what else!? My two little boys are now 2yrs old and 4yrs old. I'm such a bad mom- I should have posted about it! Henry's birthday was first on November 13th. He was pretty sick, and wanted NOTING to do with opening his gifts. Grant's birthday was later that month on the 30th. We had his FIRST official bday party with some kids he sees every week. It was train themed, and he loved it (I can't speak for the boys who came to play!). Grant has finally grasped the concept of "getting gifts" and because his birthday and Christmas are pretty close, he is now in the "I want this" mode. Good thing I have 11 months to break him of that until it starts all over again.

OK... I'll stop boring you with WORDS! Here are some photos off my phone. Enjoy :)

I'm not a great mom- in the sense that I feel I have failed my children on being a good teacher for them. They have toys, and yes, they're learning, but I feel so lame compared to other parents. With that said, I kept coming across these sensory boxes for little kids. Um, my kids LOVE THEM! This one was the November theme. It would keep BOTH boys busy for a long time (that is unheard of in this house). I made one for December and I need to do another for January (or for the winter season). Go do this if you haven't.

The night before Grant turned 4! These three guys are my life- and they are so cool! Also, Henry is funny!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT! He did not love this for the first few minutes (see my FB page with the video I posted). But it was fun to have 65 balloons in our house for a while.
The boy's grandparents got them these cute build a bear animals- and creatively named "Dog" and "Bear."
PS- we like pizza.
Bloomington isn't as cool as Lake Forest, IL- BUT they did have a tree/square lighting ceremony- complete with a clown? Odd, I know. 
 Too many people- but our cute little family at the ceremony!
 These 3 monkeys kill me. They are my favorites.
 Mmmmmm... who doesn't love Chocolate?
Don't you wish your girlfriend were as cool as mine???
Katie is amazing, and these apples taste even better than they look!

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