Monday, January 23, 2012

Some beautiful pictures

My cool sister in law sent me some of these nice pictures. I thought I would post some here for my enjoyment. Thank you, Alison Worthen ( for the pictures. I love them.

Anyone spending anytime with Grant recently may have noticed his funny way of pointing. He turns his head and aligns his fingers with just one eye- we can only assume it's because he sees two fingers when he points. Funny kid.
 Our little family at Temple Square on Christmas Evening. Henry's face is hilarious. Nice shot, Alison!
On Christmas day, we went to church at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Here are all the boys. Three generations of "Worthen" boys (and Scott and Ben).
Christmas Eve, we ate dinner at Texas Road House. This is a rare shot. Ol' Man HOLDING a grandchild. But if I remember right, Grant was running around, and he is allergic to peanuts (not so badly that he has reactions to the air at the roadhouse). So my dad picked him up so he wouldn't trip and fall in the pile shells and nuts. Too kind!
Fourwheeling after Christmas was fun as well. This is Leanne, Laurel and myself getting a self portrait. There were petroglyphs all around. Pretty cool.

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Anne said...

I love the second pic of your fam. It was so cute. You look so pretty!