Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Week in Town

The hours are beginning to count down, and we take off on Saturday. I'm getting pretty sad. It doesn't seem real to us at ALL. Everything about this move doesn't seem like it's really happening (other than the pile of boxes in our living room). But alas, we ARE moving. We WILL be in Idaho next week, and we WILL be moving to a new house, and we WILL be in college student mode again, and we WILL be having a baby in Aug. AHHH. Crazy. Okay, enough ramblings, I'll post some crazy pictures from this last week. Mostly from the tornado warning we had, but some of our cute boys, too (because that's why anyone actually reads this blog, right?).

Some crazy clouds before the storm hit us. 

After the storm, these clouds were cool looking as they revealed the s
A small little flower in our front yard. I've been meaning to take a few lame pictures of it before we mow the lawn.

Haha- Henry. "Cheesy Cheese!"

This is where Grant and Henry were during the tornado sirens. In the hallway- so deep in thought.
This picture makes me smile. He loves apples, and he LOVE THE MUPPET'S. He is watching the movie and trying to pose for me... haha.


The Young's said...

Cute! Brayden has that same shirt and Mattson has a leapseter too!

The Fallon Schank's said...

Sad to leave...but SO EXCITED that you will be out west!