Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stress of Moving

We move in two and half weeks.

This alone is cause for stress. However, we have the added pleasure of MORE stress due to the craziness that is our life. If you've missed the story, we are going back to Idaho so I can go back to school. I left BYU-I without my degree, and it was always something I knew I needed to finish. See, if you didn't know- I married a guitar player :) He and I are both well aware that I may need to support our family at one point down the road, and a degree of my own will probably help.

Here is the list of what is causing the stress:
-We have no place (as of today) to live when we arrive (but that's another story)
-I'm taking an online class right now
-I have two crazy kids
-I am pregnant with another
-We are totally broke. haha!?
-Ben doesn't have a job yet in Idaho- that will come- not too worried about that one.

Not too bad of a list, right? Ugh- today was SO BEAUTIFUL that I didn't get anything done because we let the boys roam the backyard for FIVE hours. Awesome because they're now in bed, but my house is still a mess. So the living arrangements- we are literally in the middle of negotiating prices on a house that is being built right now. The price is great- but it's listed w/o them finishing the basement. So we're trying to get them to do that plus not totally break the small bank we already seem to be cracking. However it's an awesome house. We're giddy about it. But poor Ben is more stressed than I am about it. Anyone else get that way?! Wanna see the house? This will embarrassing if we don't get it- but here are the couple of pictures we took when walking through. It wasn't one we really considered until this week... so sorry there aren't more:

Obviously this is the stairs, but the front door is to the left. This picture is basically of the living room, but thru the archway is the dinning and kitchen. It'll look pretty cool when it's done.
 Here is the outside. I thought it looked pretty tiny when we walked up to it- but that's misleading.
I NEVER thought we'd consider looking at a house that  1- is new constructing and 2- has a HUGE arss garage as it's focal point. Eh- oh well. Not too much on the market at the moment. But we love the house and if all goes well- I can get the jetted tub I've been dreaming about. ESPECIALLY now that I'm pregnant. I hate when people suggest taking a bath to "relax." Really? My pregnant belly does NOT fit into a normal sized tub. It is NOT relaxing :) Well- that's the story. Anyone is welcome to come and help us pack up!


Lali Johnson said...

Moving is stressful. Period. I'm sorry you are stressed and I wish I could help.

I hope you get that house. What a blessing that would be :)

I'm sending you peaceful thoughts.

The Mathews Family said...

Love the potential house! I really hope it works out for you guys.

The Fallon Schank's said...

Wow! That's exciting! The home looks beautiful!