Sunday, August 4, 2013

I survived!

I can't believe it is already August. This summer has been crazy, but we're finally able to breathe. It was all I could do every night to feed my kids, let alone blog. I spent the months of June and July doing my internship at a Cub Scout day camp. 
(The giant parachute at work)
(My staff! I was in charge of these kids all summer. This is during flag ceremony- at 7:30 am!)
(And here I am in my fabulous scout shirt)

The internship was kinda a big deal. I started an internship when I was engaged to Ben, but I came down with bronchitis and I had to quit it. The internship was a HUGE reason as to why finishing school scared me! Working full time for 400 hours. Crazy. But now it is done and all I have left are some classes to take in the winter and I'll have my bachelors degree in recreation management. 

Other than that, we tried to have some fun. We'll be heading to Utah next week to go camping and then school will start for Grant at the end of the month! I'm finally a "school mom!" I can't just up and go on a trip whenever I like. Oh well. Some things we've been doing are going to my parents new house in WY:
(Ben hauling wood down to the storage area under the porch).
(James riding with Ben around the property)
(Hanging with aunt laurel)
(Hiking on the trail around the corner from the house)
(James and Ben hiking)
(Enjoying some breakfast before any furniture arrived)

Ben has been playing music, Grant did T-Ball for the first time, and James and Henry have been crazy- but super cute and fun. Oh yeah- I even chopped my hair off. 
(Trying out the new hat)
(Ben playing in the faculty rock band, "Thor's Hammer"... Brother Tueller on drums, Brother Peck on vocals!)
(Hiding in the shade at the farmers market... Wimps... It wasn't even that hot)
(New hair)

Basically, we've been really tired. 
(James taking a nap on my lap)
(James and his sleeping buddy)
(His favorite way to sleep... On the floor)

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic summer!