Monday, March 31, 2008

So Much Fun!

This was Grant's first time helping us with the dutch oven! Mezmerized!!

Grant's first time in the grown up seat belt on our way to Utah... he loved it!  This is while we were stopped... don't worry- we don't look up to Britney Spears.

Grant's 2nd mother... Carrie Lou. She is always wanting to hold him, feed him, rock him, etc. It's really cute.  This makes him look HUGE. 

Wow... Grant in Ben's knit snowboarding hat... he looks Russian.

I would say, "CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE!" And he smiled!  
We have the same chin... awesome.  Do you like Ben's beanie? Topside 
makes them... SO AMAZING... more to come for Rocko and Grant.

Grant playing video games dressed up like a super hero... or rather- 
I put the controller in front of him because it looked funny. 


Leanne said...

my laughing got harder as I scrolled down and then I wet my pants when I got to him playing video games.

the one with carrie is cute.. :)

Emily said...

haha- i like the russian beanie- i can't believe he got such a kick out of the seatbelt!

Sarah said...

He's a charmer!

Matt & Stephanie Berglind said...

Hi Rochelle! I found your blog on Maggie's! I am glad I found you. Our blog is Hope everything is going well.

zippy said...

Oh he's such a cutie!! I LOVE the little coat and beanie he's wearing in the first shot--adorable!

Congrats on the upcoming move!