Thursday, April 3, 2008


So, how many of you think that Ben is posting this one?! Well, it's me- Rochelle. I am loosing my hair! Does anyone remember how much hair I used to have!? Well, now, I am embarrased to say that it's falling out like it's going out of style. If you have had a child, you will understand... I hope you understand! I guess when you are pregnant and your body is CRAZY full of hormones, your hair doesn't fall out! So- when they pull the child from your body and send it home with you, you start to loose it. I have a natural receding hair line look- becuase that is what my parents bequeathed to me, but now, I think I may have to start doing this:

So, if you notice that you can see my scalp- IT IS GRANT'S FAULT! Hahaha


leannewitney said...

It will grow back. I promise.

The Young's said...

Same here! It does grow back...maybe not as fast as your are hoping though!

The Thomas Trio said...

don't worry rochelle! it's totally normal after you have a baby. When you're pregnant your hair falls out at a very slow rate sometimes not at all; then after you have the baby...all the extra hair you saved up falls out all at once. just another glorious side affect of giving birth!


Sarah said...

Dear Rochelle,

Yes, it does grow back. Extra vitamin B helps. There's a liquid kind that's not too nasty tasting if you are really interested.

We check your blog almost every day and just love all the pictures. Grant is getting cuter every day.

Barry printed off the russian hat one for his office.
More pictures please! Love, Your biggest fans

The Mathews said...

Haha... you all are so nice! i was thinking that everone would just laugh at me! i know it's totally normal, but i am just shocked at the massive amount i am loosing!