Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today is my 24th Birthday (this is Rochelle). I don't know why I always get excited about them, because it's not like I have had some great ones in the past! I just thought it might be fun for everyone to see how my last few birthdays have gone... then help me explain why I continue to get excited! (this blog is for laughs, not for pitty :)

TODAY (2008)-24- I am in Utah with Grant, and Ben is still in Idaho finishing up the final details of moving. 24 without the love of my life.

2007-23- Ben had spent two and a half weeks in Chile for a Jazz Band tour with the school. So when he came home (on my birthday), it was a WELCOME HOME BEN DAY, not so much a- ROCHELLE IS 23 DAY! (Plus, I was about 7 weeks pregnant, and I did NOT feel well.... thanks a lot Grant. One day, I will laugh when you get sick... j/k!)

2006-22- Ben and I were dating (yeah... finally someone who liked me!), but I had to check out of my apartment and move into a new one. THEN we drove down to Utah. I think we pulled in around midnight- but still- no Birthday party then either.

2005-21- This one is funny. Aside the fact that I didn't know Ben existed yet (which was torture everyday...!!!), I was in the San Rafael (sp?) Desert... that's right- the desert. I decided to go on a month long trip with some classmates (for credit) to Southern Utah. The three days we did DESERT SURVIVAL (and I mean survival- we were looking for water, eating Biscuit Root, and we walked in the sand FOREVER!), my 21st birthday fell upon the middle of those days. So while my friends back home were toasting to their 21st birthday, I had a crown of wild flowers, and an ash-cake with saved M&Ms from my peers (yes- ash cake. You make the batter and literally stick it onto the ashes, cook, brush, and eat!)

2004-20- I don't remember much- other than not being able to do what my roommates had planned, and I was bummed, so I think we ate all our food in the cupboards before we checked out of our apartment.

2003-19- My first year at college... I was driving home to Chicago. Yep- on the road. However, I do remember coming home around midnight, to find Riley and Laurel snuggling on the couch. Scoobs (Laurel) wanted to jump out of a box and surprise me but it got too late, so the two of them fell asleep on the couch.

Well, hope you enjoyed the past few Birthdays. It's 7:30 am, so let's see how the day goes!!


The Young's said...

What you didn't put was that you had an AWESOME 18th Birthday with your sisters in Provo/Orem at Black Angus! Remember...we lived it up and ordered POP, APPETIZERS & DESSERT...something we NEVER normally get with just the parents! :)


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Rochelle!

Archuleta's Are Betta' said...

Oh my gosh I totally remember this! My how the time has passed. Happy birthday again!