Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture of the Week

I love this picture. Grant and I went to Lake Bluff to spend the weekend with my family and his cousin for her birthday! We went to Chuck E Cheese!!!!! This is where we discovered that Grant LOVES pizza. I asked him to say "cheese," and this is what I got! haha... more pictures to come.


JRid said...

CLASSIC! What a great picture! Yes, pretty much all of Grant's pictures are great, but seriously...look at that smile!

Candice said...

Chuckie Cheese has the BEST pizza! Michael and I couldnt' wait until our nephew was old enough so we could take him.

zippy said...

So, when did he go from being a baby to a little boy???? All of a sudden he just looks so grown up!!What a gorgeous kid!! : )