Friday, May 22, 2009

Riley's Wedding

Riley got married last week! Hooray :) We got carried away with taking pictures of our family rather than the bride and groom, but it's ok- that's why they paid a photographer to do it, right? Enjoy some of my favorites!!
HI! We're are so happy to be here!!!!!!!! That's exactly what Grant's face says! Ok, Ben took this one. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I love my husband. I don't even know who took this picture!! My mom is so pretty!!! And my son's head looks HUGE here! haha

Aren't we so pretty? jk We are such nerds.But these two... amazing! It makes me laugh every time I look at it. Ben and my
brother in law, Stephen, from England!
Little Laurel with Mom... beautiful :)


jesieo said...

oh, i love all the pictures, i'm so glad you had a fun time! nothing too exciting happened in bloomington while you were gone...we should hang out soon!

jamie said...

you look awesome in those pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture Ben took of Grant too, very frame-worthy :)

Tami H. said...

Riley got married!!! That's crazy ( only because how I remember him right before my mish at great america - ha!)

Great pics! You look great girl, and your mom is gorgeous.

WE almost got stranded in Indy this weekend, and I wish I had had your number to call you so you could rescue us. we almost stayed in Lebenon because our car engine light came on ( we were hauling ahuge trailer). Our brother in law convinced us to keep driving right after I talked the lady down to 49.99 room with breakfast. (they were going for 99$ because of the indy 500).

Anyway, I need your # cuz we are moving to Dayton Ohio in 2 weeks and that is even CLOSER to you guys.

Oh yeah, put up a pic of riley on his wedding day, you have me curious.

The Young's said...

I do find this post somewhat funny..."Riley's Wedding" and yet...not ONE picture of Riley OR his wife! Good times. You should have just titled it "Family Get Together" as that is what the pictures look like more! LOL :)

Those Schank's in Fallon, Nevader said...

You always have the cutest blog, Rochelle! Grant is so darling too! (Keep guessing that cute, little nephew of mind!)
Love you,