Saturday, May 9, 2009

T-BALL and H2O

This week has been RAINING AND POURING! The clouds broke for a few hours, and we decided to play T-Ball. Then we played in the creek just behind the trees in the pictures. Grant had a great time!!

Guess what was more interesting than T-Ball? Sticks. Why do we even bother spending money on this child!?
Again with the sticks.
Ben teaching Grant how to hit the ball. Before he found the stick, he was only interested in chasing the ball. Ben will be patient as he continues to teach him how to play "ball!"
More of the Father and Son. Notice the ball caps... CHICAGO CUBS... and the matching outfits!
Here we are in the creek. Grant was more adventurous than me! The water wasn't even that cold. He was also more interested in picking up the mossy rocks. I think here, he sat in the water.
Cute picture of our feet. Mine, nice and slender, and Grant's, well- FAT. haha... Hopefully they'll thin out a little one day!
Here we are on the bridge over the creek. We LOVE Bloomington. Everyone should come visit us so we can all play!
Ahhh... back to the car. What a fun day! This is the first time Grant REMOTELY stayed on the path rather than running off on his own. I was VERY impressed. (Looking at this picture makes me realize that those sandals need to be retired!)


Makayla said...

So cute. Ours is a little stick lover too... he even sleeps with sticks and I probably have a dozen or so in the back seat of my car. :-) Isn't it funny how the best, most loved toys are often not the ones we buy? Good to see your cute little family out having fun!

Emily said...

This is so cute- it looks like Ben's dream come true:)

Leah said...

Cute, cute, cute. Love the baseball pics. Aren't boys great???

jesieo said...

happy mother's day! i love the story of the pictures, what a cute little t-ballplayer you got. have a great day!

Candice said...

I love your pictures!