Friday, October 29, 2010

Henry Ford & Greenfield Village (take one)

Sorry about the lack of posts, but I've been busy. I went to Michigan a few weeks ago with the boys and my little sister while Ben finished up playing in the musical, RENT, on campus.  Growing up, my family went to Detroit, MI to visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  If you have not been, go. It's amazing. And it may be one of my favorite places :)  It was an AWESOME trip- beautiful landscapes and some awesome learning (for me). We had quite the adventure. I may have to post these pictures in a few different posts- so please be patient with me. My little sister took around 300 pictures over the weekend, so there are SO many to choose from. ENJOY :)

Our trip started just fine, but when we hit South Bend, the car wouldn't start. We were able to get a battery jump from one of Ben's band member's family (they were SOOOOO nice). Then we got back on the road and drove for another hour or so. Well, we needed more gas, and the the car didn't start, AGAIN. Luckily, there was a truck stop and service station for trucks across the street from the gas station. They took care of us. Our batter was TOTALLY DEAD. He put in a tiny fork lift battery to just do some tests, and the car was working better than with our HUGE battery. sigh. We bought a new one and was back on the road. A quick 6 hour trip turned into 12 hours. Awesome. But let me tell you- the pizza we had delivered to the hotel was AMAZING. Maybe? worth the dead battery. haha
Greenfield Village is a place that Henry Ford created back in the day for education purposes. He was friends with Thomas Edison, so his house and workshop are here. Also, they have tons of carriages, old cars, old houses, trains, etc. It's like stepping back into the early 20th Century, and I love it.

Grant has gotten into Thomas and Friends after I bought him some books. Needless to say, THIS was his favorite part of the entire trip. TRAINS! This train is, I think, 1 of 6 working steam engines left- and the only one in the Midwest. Cool. We rode it.

Grant enjoying being OUT of the stroller. Funny kid.
 A rare picture of me. Ben got me an iPhone so I could have the internet with me at all times. It came in handy with our car emergency 24 hours after getting the phone. Thank you babe!!
 I don't know what this house was, but it is BEAUTIFUL!
 This is a replica of a slave's cottage. Nuts.

Well, it was hard to see ALL the houses while we had two crazy kids. We mostly walked around the village. If anyone wants to go back there with me, I have a pass, and I can get a guest in :) Stay tuned for more pictures from the AMAZING museum. 

And also, stay tuned for our HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

What beautiful pictures.

The Fallon Schank's said...

How fun! (I can remember years ago Gpa Mathews took our family there. Good memories!)

leannewitney said...

I want to go so bad. Maybe soon....