Friday, May 20, 2011


Our little town has SO MANY COOL THINGS! For $6 you can rent a canoe and have at it! The boys did a great job. We didn't realize how late it had become until we got in the car and it was PAST nap time! oops. But we had a blast! Even Henry was having fun.

A few things I learned on this trip:
1. I need to loose the weight I have gained in the last few months! 
YIKES! I had to edit the photo because it was pretty bad. 
(ya know- sometimes you don't know how bad you look until you see a picture! Look at my gross arms! AHHH)
2. Both the boys love to paddle 
(for Grant that means splashing and for Henry- it means dragging his paddle).

What a blast!

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Leah said...

Whatever, you look great!