Sunday, May 29, 2011

In and Out

Not the amazing burger joint. 

I'm talking about being IN and then getting OUT! 
We had a F-1 tornado hit our little town the other day. We are/were safe, but there are TONS and TONS of trees down- ALL OVER. I felt like we were cooped up inside for so long (or it just seems like that when there are tornado sirens blaring all day). We tried to make the tornado time as much fun as possible for the boys so they didn't sense our fear.  I think it was a hit! They are now obsessed with all things flashlights. 

I put up a sheet and we did shadow dancing and hand puppets! 
This is Grant's duck. 
Pretty awesome.

Today (Saturday), we GOT OUT! We headed off to Leonard Spring Nature Trail, but the trees were so badly down that we could go to the waterfall. So we did the easy hike instead. Grant is SO FUNNY on little hikes! He is constantly running, kicking rocks "out of the way" and making it his own little adventure. What a funny kid. Click on the picture/s to see it all up close. We saw a small cave, awesome fallen trees, tracks and wife's butts (thank, Ben). 
(I made it xtra large so you can see the pictures better)

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Sarah said...

What? Where's the picture of your bum crack? I tried to zoom in to find it but I couldn't see it.

Um, scary about the tornado. Can you find the plans for a tornado/fall-out shelter on your DIY websites?