Monday, May 23, 2011

Learning to Write

Grant has been doing REALLY well when it comes to learning his letters. He's learned what letters say and can tell you word for each letter. He's our little smarty pants.  However, our friend made this app that TOTALLY helped... it's so fun! It's called, "Alphabet Zoo." Look it up.

I saw someone do this and thought it was brilliant. Learning how to write letters in pudding.
It was a throw back to an old college FHE night (pudding pictionary)!
So here is Grant and Henry learning/playing in the pudding!


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

What a great idea! And yummy :)

Hilary said...

I totally remember doing pudding pictionary with you on our kitchen floor! I think I might even have a picture of it. A fun idea to use with kids too!

Anne said...

Oh I miss puding pictionary!! Those were the days!!!