Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picnik Love

If you haven't noticed by now, I like You can edit photos or combine them and make collages. It's pretty awesome. And the premium package is only $2/month! Woohoo! Today I learned how to use picnik to make prints. I'm really excited about the one I just sent into Sam's Club to be printed (only an hour to wait!!). Our home is pretty old. And it's a rental, so there isn't much we can do to fix it up. I've had a hard time trying to make it OUR HOME because of this. In the boy's bathroom (the one we let people use), there is an odd piece of wood with three hooks on it. It does not match anything, but it's mounted to the wall. We use all the time so it's not like it's useless. We also have Ben's teacher (now colleague) stay with us when he's in town and uses said bathroom. So this is what is being printed right now- soon to be put on a canvas and mod podged. 

YEAH! I'm so excited. I'll post pictures when it's hanging. (so maybe tonight??) Is this lame? If so- I'll not hang it and only have wasted $3. I'm basically giggling right now as I look at it. Enjoy your weekend!

Here it is all done. A little darker than I'd like- but I love it! 
I still need to fix the edges and I'm thinking of how to do that. 


Kim said...

Super cute! I saw "Corey" on there and totally thought this was an announcement.

Rochelle said...

Haha... I didn't even think about that until my sister asked who he was. I guess it looks like an announcement. I guess I can tell who READS the posts! :)

The Fallon Schank's said...

Cute! (You are talented!)