Thursday, May 15, 2008

Food, Clothes, and a Cuttie Pie

This is Rocko... Nothing much to say- just awesome pictures of our little guy. The clothes are from people, so we thought that we would post pics, and we tried some solid food- Grant has no idea what to do yet! But very amusing:)

Now what?
First Root Beer (just kidding, just an awesome picture)
Hi there! Aren't I cute?
So my awesome friend, Randi, got this cute little outfit from Juicy Couture??? It's the softest pjs that Grant's got! Thanks Randi!
Another awesome friend, Audrey, made him this hat along with matching pants (which he will wear this weekend on our first camping trip!)... It's a tad too big, but still makes for a great pic!
From Aunt Debbie... I couldn't wait until he fit into this one... SO CUTE!


The Young's said...

The one of him in the blue/white romper from Carters TOTALLY looks like Mattson.

What a cutie! :)

Brandi said...

Hey Rochelle, I used to be your friend in Rexburg and I saw the link off of Hilary's blog so I wanted to see what you're up to. I can't believe you have a baby and everything. He is adorable!!! I hope that things are all going well for you.

leannewitney said...

Duncan had the same blue sweater outfit when he was that size. It was one of my favorites on him... Sooo cute!

Jared and Lauren said...

That Grant is so stinking cute!

Ben, I'm digging the beard... Does it have anything to do with the fact that you just graduated from BYU-I? Just curious... :)

Thanks for sharing!

mom said...

I think he's the cutest baby in the world...and what a personality! I hope he always laughs at life, and enjoys every minute.