Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Smorgusbord of Pictures

For anyone who actually looks at our blog... here are a few pics that we have been meaning to put up. When we actually get our apartment looking decent, then we will show you what that looks like too!

Grant and his Great Grandma Hancock (Yuma, Az)

Grant and his Great Grandpa Hancock (Yuma, Az)

Ben tickling Grant with his wiskers... now a beard. Grant is really ticklish...sp?

Happy to be in his carseat...

wait... why am I in the carseat AGAIN!?

Grant looking like a stud on his mom's birthday! Don't worry- what I didn't know was that he would soil that outfit 10 minutes later in what turned out to be the NASTIEST diaper change I have ever seen!!

Carrie and Duncan playing with Grant on his play mat... or rather... playing with his play mat.



Everytime we go somewhere, people comment on Grant's long long long hair on the side of his head. So, alas, I cut it. (see next picture)

And his baby is hair is no longer virgin baby hair. It's been cut. So sad. I was waiting until it was REALLY time to cut it, and it was. Now he's got short hair on the side of his head.


The Young's said...

What a cutie!!!!

Louise said...

He looks so much better with a real boy hair cut!



Aloha_Misty said...

Ben! Is that you? I haven't seen you since the good old showtime days! Ha! I love your pictures of your baby! He is handsome...thank goodness for Cristi's blog...she keeps in contact with everyone. I would love to hear you play your guitar again!