Thursday, May 15, 2008

Waterfall Bliss

Hi- Ben wants me to say who is typing so you won't get confused. It's Rochelle. Anyway, my brother, Riley, told me about this trail up the road that goes to a waterfall. So- we decided to do it. Let's just say that Ben and I are NOT in the best shape of our lives... with that said- please forgive the roundness that is Ben and me in these pictures.... ENJOY!

Before the hike looking out over Pleasant Grove... our new home!
Me having fun with Grant... I think I thought it was more amusing that Grant and Ben!
Grant was fascinated at the bridge. He loved the water.
He probably thought we were going to take a shower
The waterfall.
That's me and Grant. It started to get REALLY cold.
Yeah... Family picture! Thank goodness for tripods... and for Ben, he carried it the entire way.
So sleepy!!
It was really cute... he was OUT!

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