Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you know that I love America?

Grant has started asking us things like, "Mom? Do you know how I love you?" It's adorable to Ben and me because we say that to him- "Do you know that I love you?" Glad it's rubbing off him!!! 

It's been a crazy summer so far- busy. We have been trying to have fun as well as finish up the semester, put our house together (ha), entertain people, and get ready for this baby that's going to be here before we know it.

This post is going to be a dumping of both phone pictures and some we actually took with our camera. I honestly doubt anyone is reading this anymore, but I feel awful for the lack of posting- because I feel like I'm going to regret it down the road. Please excuse the Facbook duplicates.

Grant loving him some custard. Can you believe that this huge thing only cost $1?!?! We love this place.
 And Henry- also a fan of the custard.
 Some onesies Ben and I made for the baby. Ben's are the cool ones on the left, mine are the crappy ones on the right.
 We took a quick trip last month to Utah and got together with some cousins. This picture is so funny.
 A few weeks ago was the Rexburg Airshow. If you have learned anything while reading this blog, it's that my boys  (all THREE) LOVE airplanes. We only live about a mile away from the airport and we see planes every day! Henry was having a rough time in the heat at the show. Sad.
Last weekend, we had a FULL house. My parents drove out from Chicago and so my sisters and some cousins all came up to play. Holy Monkies, Batman! I love how my mom tries to get pictures of all the kids, and expects them to sit still. Um... don't you remember having NINE kids? haha
When I was around 28/30 weeks, I climbed the tower here at BYU-Idaho. I've done it about 3 or 4 times so far- one day I even did a solo-climb. I've loved all the energy I've had this summer. Anyway, that's me at the top of the tower. Ben told me I need to stop telling him what it is I'm doing at school... haha.
I'm HORRIBLE at posting pictures of my belly. And each pregnancy I wonder what I look like and what I did look like with the other babies. This first one is me at 30 weeks. The baby was still super content to hang out INSIDE my organs- so I don't look very big.
 Since then the baby has turned into some gymnast who flips around ALL DAY LONG. So here I am TODAY! at 33.5 weeks. This child is insane. How fitting. I'm sure in an hour, my stomach will go back to not looking huge again. It differs every hour. haha

We had a blast this week on the 4th. We don't really have any friends, so we didn't do anything with a ton of people, just our little family. Here are the boys testing out someone's slack line. They both LOVED it. Grant was a natural... of course.
 Henry did a pretty good job, and cried when we had to leave. Strange- I know.

 We came back home after the parade and made some shirts for the day. The boys did most of the painting on the shirts- and they LOVED them! Ben made the templates- he is so creative.
 And here they are on the boys. Cute, right?! 
(I'm pretty sure Henry is eating a cracker)
 Here is a tired Henry after so much fun. Do you ever look at your kids and have the thought, "DANG! My kid is so cute!" Yes- I had that thought when I saw him napping like this.
 We opted out of the Idaho Falls Fireworks show and did our own thing in our driveway. The boys were frightened, but we still had fun. Crazy part was that about 5 homes in our little subdivision did their own fireworks, so we had a show for about an hour- in the comfort of our own house.
Guess what Grant learned how to do?! RIDE A TWO WHEELER!
He got it on the FIRST TRY! Wow- what a great little kid. He is really turning into a dare devil... something that he has not always been.  Also- that is how Henry rides his bike. It's actually Grant's trike that Henry is too short for- but since Grant has wanted to ride the two wheeler, Henry has resorted to pushing this thing around. ALL OVER THE NEIGHBORHOOD. It's pretty funny.
 The view from the boy's room the night of the 4th. Wow!


The Shark said...

For the record, I read your blog, Rochelle. And I am jealous of the amazing view of the temple your boys have.

Christian and Liz Plott said...

Love the belly :)

Anne said...

Great Post! You look so good and your boys are adorable. I need to come see you soon. I am missing you!