Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Pictures

I had my last week of classes last week and now I don't know what to do with myself (my messy and not unpacked house knows what I can do!). My dad's in town this week and my husband and little sister (who is living with us for her 7 week break between semesters) are all out four-wheeling... leaving me alone with the crazies. It's such a nice day outside, but I'm having a panic attack THINKING about having to chase either one of them. So- today will be an indoors kind of day. It's been about 3 weeks since they've played the Wii... maybe it's time to bust it out? We'll see.

I checked my school email today and got these pictures from my teacher. This was our last day of class last week- so I'm 35 weeks along plus 1 day (or rather, in my 36th week... anyone else get annoyed at trying to figure out how far along you are?!). I thought these two pictures were fun. Enjoy :)

Here I am... at the top of the climbing wall! I had a blast- Ben was not happy with me for going up without a chest harness... but the other pregnant girl started climbing, and I may or may not have gotten really competitive (also- this competition is totally in my head). In case you're wondering- she didn't make it to the top. AH! I'm evil. 
 We had a pie? eating contest. Actually- it was whipped cream and we had tootsie rolls in the bottom of the pan and we had to get them out. My teacher is the cute one two people away from me in the green shirt. She's kind of awesome- and it you want to hear how she put certain people in their place this semester- just come ask me. It was my favorite time of day! haha Sad that class is over. 
(Also... I didn't realize that I looked this big! haha)

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